Pasta and Rice Sensory Bottles


~ 2 empty 500ml bottles

~ Dried rice

~ Dried pasta

~ Food colouring

~ 8 plastic cups

~ Tray

~ Paper towels

~ Glue


1. Fill up 4 cups halfway with rice, and 4 cups halfway with pasta.

2. Add different coloured food colouring to each of the cups, enough to cover half the rice/pasta.

3. Stir the colour into the rice/pasta so it is all covered.

4. Leave the rice/pasta to soak overnight.

5. Lay 4 layers of paper towels on a tray.

6. Tip out any remaining liquid from the cups, then tip out the rice/pasta onto the paper towels.

7. Leave the rice and pasta to dry.

8. Pour the dried, coloured rice into one bottle, and the dried, coloured pasta into the other bottle.

9. Glue the lids on to the bottles and fasten tightly.

10. Shake the bottles and make lots of noise!