Musical Chairs


~ Chairs

~ Music stereo

~ Music CD


1. Count the amount of children that will be playing the game.

2. Arrange the chairs, one less than the amount of children, in two rows. Have the two rows of chairs of chairs back to back.

3. Explain the rules to the children involved in the game.

4. Play the music and let the children dance around the chairs to the beat.

5. Press the pause button.

6. When the music stops, all the children try to sit on the nearest chair.

7. The child left standing, is disqualified.

8. Take one of the chairs away.

9. Press the pause button to resume the music, and the children begin dancing again.

10. Continue to stop and start the music, taking away a chair each time a child is disqualified, until there is only one chair and two children left.

11.The child that ends up on the chair first is the winner!

12. Great game for childrens parties!