Gloop - Colours


~ Bowl

~ Box of cornflour

~ Water

~ Small jug

~ Paint or food colouring

~ Spoon

~ Tray


1. Pour ½ of the box of cornflour into a bowl.

2. Fill up a small jug with water, and add the paint or food colouring. Stir well.

3. Add a little water to the cornflour at a time, and mix together.

4. Keep adding the water until the mixture is thick, but still a little runny.

5. If the mixture gets too runny, add more cornflour.

6. Pour the gloop mixture on to the tray.

7. Let your child explore the gloop with their fingers, making marks, shapes and letters.

8. Alternatively, don’t add the colouring to the water, but add it to the finished gloop.

9. Use multiple colours, to make the activity a colour naming and colour mixing activity.